Friday, July 4, 2008

Photo Shoot

Tori - age 6

Rachel - age 17 months

Owen - age 17 months

Brendan - age 8

I was at my parents for a few days and my dad took some pictures of the kids for me. I can upload the photos to Sam's Club and then have prints made. I love being able to get them immediately and all at the same time. I started taking pictures myself of Rachel and Owen because the thought of going to a studio was so overwhelming. Then my dad got a really nice camera so now I let him do it when we get the chance. I love getting their natural expressions. My next goal is to get pictures of all 4 kids together and also some of Rachel and Owen together.
-pictures taken by Lee Rhodes


Julie Durocher said...

The kid's pictures are awesome! I can't believe how big Rachel and Owen are! It's been way too long. Love your blog! I'll stop by to check it out often.

Wendi said...

Great pictures Angie! I think it's been over a year since I've gotten my boys pictures taken. It can be a bit overwhelmeing can't it? How great that your dad is your own personal photographer. :) These turned out great.

Judy Crawford said...

awww. cute.