Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conversations and Book Clubs

I have said different times that I enjoy blogging because it is an outlet for all the conversations I have in my head. Now, instead of conversations, I write blogs in my head! Something is not right with me. Then, of course, when I sit down to write, I can't remember what it is I was thinking about. I'm sure it was deep and profound. :)

I belong to a book club that meets once a month. When we started, we met every other month but after a couple years, decided we were ready to commit to every month. Many of our husbands work together so one of the first rules was "What happens in book club, stays in book club". It makes it a safe environment to share and know that it's not going to be spread around the office. Or anywhere, for that matter.

We had our July meeting last night and it was a great time. We read The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. It's about Jacob's daughter, Dinah, from the Bible. I thought it was a great book, but there were some discrepancies between the story and the account in the Bible. I had to keep reminding myself as I was reading it that it was fictional and wasn't intended to be fact. Having said that, the story really gave you a feel for that culture and what they valued and how they lived. It also made me more curious about the account in Genesis. So often I read the Bible quickly instead of letting it sink in. I don't question what it doesn't say. I don't picture the scene. This novel made it seem real to me.
We had a good discussion last night about the book. That is typical for our group, though. It's an excuse to get together but most of us actually read the book and sometimes even take notes while we read it. I like reading books chosen by someone else, especially when it's something I would never pick on my own. It stretches me and makes me think. It's also fun to find new authors that I really like.

Here is a picture of the ladies in the book club:

This isn't the most recent but I liked this one better and it's my blog so I get to pick. :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that you are so amazing! I think this blogging idea is so cool and will a wonderful way for you to share things with your family and friends as well as someday with your children!!

I love our bookclub and all the women that I have come to know through this group! I am especially glad for the motivation to read books outside of my normal genre and I agree it does stretch me and make me think!

Keep up the great blogging!!!

Jenn Johnson