Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Water, Sand and Sun

Here are some pictures of Rachel and Owen in Lake Huron. They loved it. Owen was a little more cautious at first than I expected but after he got over the waves (I think it perplexed him that they'd come and go on their own), then he plunged right in. His favorite thing to do was fall over face first in the water so he'd splash himself. Unfortunately, a few times he was a little too deep and the water was so shocking that he took a deep breath and inhaled a big mouthful. He choked and spluttered and then did it again.
Rachel would walk into the water but not go very far unless holding someone's hand. And she did not want to fall into the water. She'd walk very carefully to avoid it. So funny how different they are.

As you can see, the water was clean and clear, except for the occasional fish head floating around (gross!). But the beach was really nice and was shallow for a long way out. They really enjoyed the time at the beach, although Rachel did protest (quite loudly) when it was time to rinse off.

We were able to reserve the same place for next year - yea! It's so nice to know the tradition can continue for another year.

-pictures taken by Lee Rhodes - thanks, dad! :)

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